Using data to make smart operational decisions

Titan Storage is using Shepherd to protect people’s belongings, cut costs, and optimise their building’s condition and maintenance.

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The Challenge

Turning a 'dumb' building into a smart one

Titan’s business is self-storage. The company operates in a highly competitive market, prides itself on its customer service, and recognises that the possessions people store mean far more to them than just “stuff”.

Titan wanted to explore the difference that having access to smart building data could make to their service and operations. Their storage facility in Bracknell is large – more than 33,500 square feet over three floors, with 466 units – and is almost fully occupied.

But the property was built before building management system technology became standard. So, Shepherd has helped them turn an older building into a smart one.

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Create a smart building

Turn a storage facility into a smart building and transform operational efficiency.


Optimise maintenance

Shift to condition-based maintenance.


Monitor energy use

Understand how energy is used in the building and make it more efficient.

The Solution

New operational insights

Shepherd worked with Titan Storage Solutions to create a smart building in a storage facility that had no existing in-built systems or monitoring capability. The Shepherd solution has provided the Titan team with insights into how the building is being used on a day-to-day basis.

By taking data from the access control panel, Titan are now able to see core operating times and usage by individual clients and the impact it has on the site and assets. This data is key to how Titan resource the site and manage their staff, as well as use the data and analytics to plan future sites and charging models.

Titan now has a thorough understanding of the overall building’s health, its assets, and the environment, keeping an eye on factors such as the levels of carbon dioxide, humidity, and atmospheric conditions to keep their customers’ possessions free from damage from condensation or water stains.

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“Working with Shepherd has helped us make smart operational decisions for our business that are based on the knowledge created and the know-how of how to be better, smarter, cheaper and more sustainable.” Adam Rabbitts – Operations Manager, Titan Storage Solutions
“I cannot fault the work ethic of anybody I have dealt with at Shepherd. The service has been professional from start to finish and nothing has ever seemed like too much trouble. Any challenges were dealt with quickly and communication was always superb.” Adam Rabbitts – Operations Manager, Titan Storage Solutions
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Before Shepherd, Titan were paying call-out fees for an engineer each time there was an issue with the security shutter, which allows people 24-hour access to the building. Now, the company’s operations manager can pre-screen any error message and decide whether an engineer needs to deal with it, resulting in significant maintenance savings.

Titan also discovered that their lighting costs were higher than they should have been. So, they have rethought how they light their building, switching to LED lightbulbs and adjusting how long they stay on for. They can also accurately monitor the power used in each individual storage unit. So, customers are precisely charged only for what they use.

Monitoring the usage and condition of the lifts and security doors is vital to the smooth running of the building and their business. By adjusting how they operate them, they hope to extend their lifecycle. And they’ll have a better idea of when they’re likely to need replacing, rather than facing unexpected breakdowns or unforeseen costs.


peace of mind

Peace of mind for customers

Environmental conditions in the facility are monitored closely.

lower costs

Lower operating costs

Reduced maintenance and lighting costs.


Fair billing for energy use

Energy consumption tracking lets them charge fairly for it.


Longer asset lifecycles

Assets crucial to the smooth running of the business can be looked after better.


Good for the planet

Wiser energy use increases sustainability while reducing environmental strain.

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